Innovative Painting Tapes For Hard Painting Tasks

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Even the most inept of hands can achieve painting perfection if the project is a flat piece of drywall that can easily be trimmed and taped. Taping walls and trim is a great way to make any job easier. However, masking these areas can prove to be one of the most difficult parts of the job. You will need more than traditional masking tapes. Special painting tapes can be used to cover any difficult or hard-to reach surfaces. This helps reduce anxiety and stress. These tapes simplify the preparation and painting process, and give professional results.

Taping in Circles is Now Easy

Traditional, rigid tapes that are designed for straight lines are not suitable for painting projects with curved edges or bowed architecture. Curved masking tape is flexible and easy to use for protecting these areas. This unique tape can be used to protect any rounded design such as arched doors, half-moon windows, and doorknobs. Curved masking tape can also be used to enhance an artist’s creativity. It can be placed to create rounded designs such as clouds and circles on walls that are otherwise flat.

Make Taping Corners a Snap

The most difficult part of any painting job is masking the corners of windows. Painting around windows can be a tedious task, whether you are painting French doors or glass cabinets. This can be simplified by using masking tape to cover corners. It also increases precision. Quick Corners, a type of masking tape can come to the rescue. Each pre-shaped corner fits perfectly into every corner of a window and creates the perfect shape. The glass can be protected by simply attaching the corners to strips of window-safe painter’s tape. This leaves only the trim sill exposed. After the job is done, remove the tape from the corners and lift the nonstick tab.

Protect the Floor While Painting the Baseboards

Drop cloths are a great way to protect your floor while painting baseboards. Old sheets and tarps can be cumbersome and easily shift when being used. Pre-taped Drop Cloths have a pre-taped edge which helps cloths stay put while exposing the baseboard for painting. Drop cloths are statically treated to stick to carpet and hardwood floors. They can also be used to contain dust during sanding. A professional-grade masking tape can be used to protect chair rails and other decorative elements. They are easy to remove from drywall, wood, and glass.

Homeowners can tackle the most difficult painting projects and still achieve professional results by using products that simplify the process.

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